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NEWTON Equipment was founded in 1978 as a producer of specialist parts for motorcycles. Initially the company was involved with the manufacture of custom aluminium fuel tanks for motorcycles. In those early days it sometimes took longer to source a filler cap than to make a tank, so we decided to design and develop our own product.

The first Aero filler cap, the Aero 400, so called because it has a 4.00" (inch) bolt circle was the first. It set the standard for quality of design and finish that has been at the heart of the company ever since. The subsequent introduction of a locking version has ensured that this model is still as popular today as it was when first introduced. This success led us to design and develop a whole range of Aero filler caps, which incorporated optional connecting necks.

Our highly specialised team design and manufacture what is probably the world’s largest range of special fillers caps for fuel, oil, water and any other liquid you care to mention. Our Classic and Aero filler caps are the choice of many of the worlds car and motorcycle manufacturers.

Our Commitment

Based in Rainham, Essex we have an international market and sell in many countries across Europe, Asia and America. We have grown over the last 40 years to become a truly global company and establish a world class reputation for quality and craftsmanship.

Our product lines include the incredibly successful Aero, Classic and Zero ranges, Quick Fill and Tank Vent Valve ranges and are continually updating and adding to these.

Although we offer what is the world’s biggest range of special filler caps, there is always a project that needs a unique part. We are always pleased to consider adaptations or new designs where viable. We invest in the latest technologies, CNC machines, advanced inspection equipment and computer aided design.

All this gives us the capability to design, develop, prototype and produce all types of fuel system components for the heavy and light automotive, defence, marine and motorsport sectors.

Our Most Popular Products


As used in the automotive industry, the Aero comes in five sizes and is suitable for fuel, oil and water.

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Vent Valve Range

Used in the Automotive, Motorsport and Motorcycle industry. Our In-Line and Tank-Mount ranges are second to none.

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Classic Range

As used in the Classic car industry, our caps combines the unique style of a bygone age with modern technology and come in five sizes.

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Other Ranges

Whether it's for Fuel, Oil, Water or any other liquid that you care to mention we have the product for you.

Zero Range

As used in the Automotive, Marine and Aviation industries and can be used for Fuel, Oil and Water.

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Quickfill Range

As used by many of the leading motorsport companies. Our range of Male and Female Valves, Refuelling handles and Dispensing tanks eradicate lost time and increase speed.

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Parts and Accessories

Connecting Hoses, Gaskets, Filler Cap Retention Tabs, Screw Packs, Adapters, Fixing Rings, Spare Keys and O-Ring Seals.

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